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Yoga Burn Reviews & Results

yoga burn reviews

Yoga Burn is the latest yoga powered workout program tailored specifically for women who are struggling to lose weight and get into shape.

The Yoga Burn Review states that this workout program is designed with the basic principle of Dynamic Sequencing. This Sequence will educates the users how to perform the yoga poses and use the prescribed poses to get firmer and into shape in healthy way possible.

The Yoga Burn program is separated into three different phases which will challenge your entire body and it is designed for women of all ages and with all fitness levels, ranging from advanced to beginner.

The program focuses on teaching the users to perform the poses perfectly and how to convert this poses into challenging workouts for faster weight loss and to get into shape.

According to the Yoga Burn reviews online, Yoga Burn is a 12-week workout program designed to firm and tone your body, while enhancing your flexibility and weight loss.

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About The Author of Yoga Burn!

zoe bray-cotton The author or the creator behind this yoga-based workout program is Zoe Bray-Cotton who is a personal trainer, female body transformation expert and yoga instructor by profession.

She worked with many people as their personal trainer and has integrated yoga poses into their workouts to transform the body of her clients.

She comprises over a decade of experience in the field and specializes in various poses and styles of yoga.

She boasts immense knowledge and experience to create a wholesome program using different yoga poses to help women lose weight.

The Three Phases of Yoga Burn Program

  • Phase 1: The Foundational Flow Phase – This is the initial phase which will help the beginners to understand the foundations of yoga and improve their efficiency and safety for the workouts.
    This phase is about to build a robust linkage between mind and body which will help the practitioner in the later phases of the workout. This phase will also help the users to learn strategic poses which will boost their metabolism.
  • Phase 2: The Transitional Flow Phase – In this phase, the users will learn how to transit from one pose to another efficiently and how to create sequences properly.
    This phase will educate you how to amalgamate all the learned poses from phase one and how to combine them together for maximum benefits and calorie burning.
  • Phase 3: The Mastery Flow Phase – This is the final phase of Yoga Burn Program. In this phase will teach the users to combine together each and every pose they have learned.
    From first and the second phases and convert them into the more powerful workout to perform which will help you get firmer and toned quickly.
    At the end of the program, you will also learn some basic yoga workout routines which you can perform later to burn fat effectively by targeting the program areas of your body.

The Yoga Burn Program Setup!

Yoga Burn Review confirms there are basically 3 workouts in each phase and hence you get 9 videos in the package along with bonuses. Each workout must be performed for 15 minutes but it a loop for 3 times which is of total 45 minutes.

Each of these phases must last for at least 4 weeks and you must complete all the 3 phases once in the week along with the Tranquillity Flow bonus.

So, the workout is for 4 days per week. The ideal week will look like this:

  • Monday: Workout One
  • Tuesday: Walk outside
  • Wednesday: Workout Two
  • Thursday: Do Nothing
  • Friday: Workout Three
  • Saturday: Walking outside
  • Sunday: Tranquillity Flow Bonus

Yoga Burn Program Bonuses for Women

The Yoga Burn system for women comprises more than just the above mentioned three phase workouts. The author of the program has also included bonuses for the users which will increase their overall yoga experiences. The bonuses can be performed anytime within the 12 weeks.

  • Bonus 1: Tranquillity Flow – This is a 15 minutes yoga workout which is designed based on the principles of restorative yoga. The prime focus of this workout is to stretch and relax the body.
    In this Yoga Burn phase, you will learn how to perform the workout in precise posture while walking and sitting. It will teach you to relax after every workout and de-stress.
  • Bonus 2: Beginner Flow – This is a 45-minute yoga workout which is designed specifically for beginners and this workout comprises poses in slow pace compared to other workouts. All the poses are basic and include relaxation sessions for beginners.
  • Bonus 3: Pose Tutorials – The author of the program understand that all who are performing it are beginners and hence this bonus is designed to give them step by step guide for the yoga poses. The bonus includes 21 complete tutorials compromising all basic yoga poses for beginners. If you are not sure about the poses you are performing then refer this bonus for your assistance and learn how to perform the pose precisely.

Yoga Burn Video Reviews & Result

yoga burn results

The Positive Review of Yoga Burn Program

  1. Great For All Fitness Levels – This yoga-based workout regime is perfect for women of all ages and with all fitness levels, whether they are advanced or beginners.
  2. Easy to Perform Yoga for Beginners – The reviewers have loved the way the program has made the yoga poses easier for them to perform. Even the beginners love performing them, owing to the easy and clear instructions.
  3. Time Efficient – The best part of the program is that it is easy to perform and you only need to dedicate only three days a week in the program and 45 minutes for each phase.
  4. It Incorporates Proper Breathing – The guide will educate how to perform the poses and breathe while transitioning between the poses.
  5. 60 Days Money Back Guarantee – This yoga based fitness program comes with a full 60 days money back guarantee. So, if you are not satisfied with the results you may claim for a refund from its official website.
  6. Work At Your Own Pace – The Yoga Burn Program allows the beginners to work at their own comfort zone and at their own pace at home.
  7. Affordable – This yoga powered workout program allows you to stay fit and lose weight in a healthy way without having to go to the gym and invest in an expensive gym membership.

The Negative Review of Yoga Burn Program

  1. Not For All – This can be a challenging yoga-based workout program for some people and hence it is not meant for everyone. People who are looking for a high-intensity workout program will never achieve desired results with Yoga Burn
  2. Results Not Guaranteed – It may take the time to show you the desired results. The results a may also vary from person to person.

yoga burn booty challenge results
If you are looking to shape, lift and tighten your booty, then be sure to check out another Zoe video & see the exact method she used at HERE.

How to Purchase Your Package of Yoga Burn Program?

yoga burn zoe bray cotton dvd download The official website of Yoga Burn Program is the right place from where you can get the genuine product. The Yoga Burn DVD set not available on Amazon or eBay.

It would cost you around $37 to $57 plus the shipping charges, depending upon the package you have purchased.

If you are not satisfied then return back the package and get a refund within 60 days of purchasing.

Don’t waste your time, get started on your Yoga Burn today!

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